Bubbling Crude

“And up through the ground came a bubbling crude.”

If you ever watched the Beverly Hillbilly’s you know this line from the theme song by Paul Henning.

For two years now the moles have been aerating the cabin yard. I think it is a good thing. The soil is loose and sometimes mushy. Grass is supposed to grow greener.

Zulu spends a lot of time sniffing the ridges. One time he was digging deep and found a mole. He does what he often does and walked away to smell somewhere else.

It is true–in life, as well. Things that are buried begin to come to the surface.

Today Vickie was raking the yard by the tool shed and the top of a bottle appeared (photo). [In a later more detailed posting about moonshine at the cabin and my new enclosed porch, I’ll give the history.]. This is a possible shine bottle and contains liquid. An old bottle. The lid is frozen. The contents unidentified. The myth of a still is becoming clearer.

The Beverly Hillbillies

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