Cutting a large tree from top to bottom.

First Posted on August 7, 2017

I love trees. My Dad loved trees. So much so that he built a house around a large oak. Trees around houses don’t work well.

I was 15 or 16 at the time. We moved to a very small cinder block house he purchased for his first retirement, in Ridgecrest, NC.. It had a fireplace, oil heater and louvered windows, and no insulation. In the winter, sleeping on a feather bed with lots of blankets, the bitter wind blew through the windows, I was cold. I stayed cold until spring and my toes generally didn’t thaw out until I got to school every morning.

Dad: “Nathan, we (notice the ‘we’ here) are going to add an extension onto the house and I want you to build it.”

He invited a carpenter friend to show me how to get started. That was my introduction to carpentry. [Incidentally, I remember one of Dad’s carpenter friends with only one arm. I was amazed at how he built a covering for a church truck.]

I don’t remember who finished–I think it was the carpenter–but I remember problem solving. At the back of the cinder block house was this oak tree which he did not want to cut down. And against my objections of having to build around it, ‘we’ did. For years I could hear the tree knocking against the walls when the wind blew. It was eventually taken down.

With that introduction, The Stage Coach Cabin had a lot of trees surrounding it, growing into it, and under it. A first step, before installing a new roof, was to clear the trees. Thanks to Chris Crutchfield and an Asheville arborist for their work. Brave and strong men. I have spent a a few dollars on tree cutting and removal. It is worth it to protect the cabin from the very strong winds that blow up the hillside, and keep the foundation secure. I now have plenty of firewood.

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