I see dead people

From my notebook

I remember the 1999 movie The Sixth Sense. If you viewed it, you possibly remember the significant phrase of a young boy, “I see dead people.” I had forgotten about that movie until writing this brief post in the early morning, and after editing my drawing of the new witness I saw from my front porch. No, I do not believe I have a psychological disorder, though some may think that, as the child psychologist Malcolm Crowe thought of the young boy, Cole Sear. I do have a vivid imagination. There is a presence in the forest. I wrote about this presence in an article for our community newsletter which is now defunct, A Forest of Witnesses.

I don’t have the stamina I once had. So I work on a project for a while and then enjoy resting on the front porch, enjoying the sounds and scenery of the forest surrounding the cabin. And so on a recent resting and reflecting spell, I saw another witness. I wonder if he is Posey Brown–the man for whom the cabin was named and who lived in the 1800s. Or, maybe the wife of the soldier imprisoned during the Civil War. People complained that she often left the cabin and relay station unattended as she would go about looking for him. 😜

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