Reptilian Justice Update

Husqy in front of the new barn

Okay, bear with me–some southern sarcasm/humor and a story about my lawn mower.

Four years ago when we started the renovation of Posey Brown’s cabin, I bought a self-propelled Husqvarna lawn mower. She is great. There is a lot of grass to mow. Recently, Husqy started sputtering and then shutting down. Dead. Or so I thought.

The grass is getting high. I asked our community group for recommendations and was prepared to take the mower to the repair shop. Then in the morning as I was about to load Husqy in the back of my truck I thought, ‘let me take one last desperate try.” I pulled the cord.

In my undergraduate days at Mars Hill College I would travel weekly to Spruce Pine, NC on Sundays. Along the way we would pass a snake handling church–yes, they exist. or existed. (you can view reports of these on YouTube.)

I reflected on their theological position that extrapolates a single biblical verse as the foundation for a worship practice. “They will be able to handle snakes with safety, and if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t hurt them. They will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed.” Mark 16:18ff. No, I do not hold to this position, but the verse came to me and gave me pause.

I handled a serpent the day before (okay, I shot it first), I drank poison (okay, wine is as poison as it gets) and I experienced a miracle. I laid hands on my broken lawnmower. My lawnmower started and I was able to mow the entire yard without a pause.

What a great day! The lessons. Clean up where the snakes live. Clean your lawnmower’s air filter. Enjoy a glass of wine. And please drive 15 MPH as you enjoy the scenery in Riverbend South. 😜

2 thoughts on “Reptilian Justice Update

  1. Love this story about Husqy. Did you know that one of the best sewing machines for quilting is a Husqvarna? I have recently looked at them since I am quilting a lot now. They are one of the best – highly computerized – and the cost is WAAAAAY out of my reach. I’ll not get a Husqy. Glad yours chose life!

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