Critters at Posey Brown’s Cabin

Someone kindly, but jokingly, called me Dr. Doolittle recently, after hearing about my encounters with animals at Posey Brown’s Cabin. Summer, but all seasons, bring surprise visitors to the cabin. Birds, mammals, reptiles and insects are a part of the living environment that I share. I am never alone, even when I think I am alone at the cabin: inquisitive bears, friendly hummingbirds sipping sugar water from my bird feeder, hungry deer foraging on my lawn and eating absolutely all of the plants in my two garden plots. I’ve included some of my better photographs–so miss my professional 35mm, but it was heavy, and the phone camera does okay. I shared this in another post, but instead of being afraid of these visitors I prefer to think of them as visits from my distant ancestors who wanted to see what was going on with me at the cabin. I usually call them by their names: Uncle John, Aunt Rebecca, Great Grandpa Henderson. They are welcome.

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