At this moment, The Volcano Erupts

A quiet protest in my neighborhood. On a morning walk in our neighborhood, this morning.

At this moment, hunkered down from COVID-19, because I can, in part because of my retirement and my privilege, I am watching CNN and the reflecting on the underlying causes and tragic events leading to a crisis in Minnesota and the U.S.

I have returned to reading again. Today I am reading This is What America Looks Like by Ilhan Omar, and The Abolition of Man by CS Lewis. Both speak to the state of our country, in their own way.

I am reminded of a prophetic poem I read in the 1980’s by M. Jere, A Zambian Poet, Sacred Silence. I will quote it here. Check my Journey tab for an experience of Silent Presence, inspired by the poem, and reflection on the arts as prophetic utterance and healing power. (Not pleased with the formatting options of WordPress. Still learning.}

Sacred Silence 

Tongue held

Wisdom is not the Conundrum At the tip of the tongue

Lend ear to silence

Silence of a woman-Wife, to pour acid At her rival

Silence of one who knows Yet won’t part his lips Till all morns have had their turns

Silence of a mannered child-Won’t even enough When elders converse Yet can isolate a fool Among them.

Silence of a poet As who is dumb Yet records the throbs of life To bring them out In syllables of anger.

Silence of the oppressed Whose misery has made of them

A volcano,

Tomorrow to erupt.

M. Jere, Zambian Poet, c.1970

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