Coming This Year

It started as a simple retirement project of renovating an old worn down cabin in the Appalachian backwoods of the modern Riverbend Development in Lake Lure, NC. It quickly became an ancient travelog of a backwater mountain home full of artifacts, local stories and historic cultural conflicts. Growing up in Western North Carolina an hour from the cabin, the author expanded his construction hobby skills, and utilized historical research, aided by new friends, family, and neighbors to reflect on the process from his cabin’s front porch. Written in three parts of practical restoration processes, historic documentation, and life reflections, the author invites the reader through text and photos to go along for the journey.

The expanded and edited book will replace these blog posts. It will be offered in print and electronic formats.

2 thoughts on “Coming This Year

  1. Thanks for asking. I have his name in another credit. His name is Ron Hevey a longtime friend from Philadelphia. He is an artist, obviously. He visited me at the cabin for a week several summers ago and spent time painting the cabin and scenery. Three os the paintings, of which this is one, now decorate a cabin wall. Hope you all are well.

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