Heroes of the Cabin


Over the past four years some great people, family and friends, and major project contractors, have joined the effort to restore Posey Brown’s Cabin. I’ll start with my wife, Vickie. This month we will have been married for 50 years. Through all those years she has poured herself, with a great sense of humor and enduring energy, into our life events, and even projects I take on she might not be so excited about.

There are three remaining projects, landscaping, the wine cellar, and the barn. This month, after over a year in waiting, we passed inspection for the footers of the pole barn. Soon the buggy will have a home.


I’ve known Ron Hevey for over 20 years. He has been a great friend as we have travelled together on projects in Egypt and Guatemala. He served on the board of BuildaBridge several times as Chair. Once a month we met for a beer and burger at a local Mt. Airy pub, for lunch. We talked family, cars, finance and investments, life and travel. Last fall he visited the cabin and painted the cabin and the Broad river in Riverbend. Thanks Ron. The paintings are now a part of the cabin.